Our Story

Our story is completely intertwined with yours. We exist because you exist - and, our sole aim is to help you achieve your aims. We measure our success entirely by your successes.

If we were to beat our own drum, the first thing that we would say is that we are an eclectic group of professionals - someone in our team will be able to talk to you about practically any topic under the sun! We are voracious readers, and we keep ourselves abreast of global trends in multiple industries. Besides helping you grow your business in marketing, fund raising, analysing the competition or fixing operational issues, we can also help you understand what global or local policies will help or hinder your business, and how you can mitigate macro risks.

More prosaically, we are a team with diverse operational experience, global and local, in Finance, IT development and architecture, Sales, Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations. We have strong hands-on experience managing enterprises at start-up, growth and established levels. Our varied experiences lend to a unique blend of talent as a firm, which can mitigate your risks and concerns for scaling up your company into a successful enterprise.


Supratim Basu

Managing Partner

Supratim has 25+ years of experience in global and local financial markets - in equity research, investment banking and venture capital/private equity. Having worked in both public and private markets, global banks and local houses, he brings deep understanding and experience in dealing with all aspects of funding an enterprise.

Investing in SMEs in India and serving on their Boards provided a ringside view of the challenges that face early stage companies and SMEs in India, and  how to overcome these issues. He helped scale up multiple such enterprises by providing strategic, operational and marketing advice, besides fund raising.

He is deeply influential in investing circles - domestic and globally.

Loknath Rao


With about 17 years of deep experience in supply chain and logistics in a manufacturing context, Loknath brings deep expertise to solve problems in planning and executing manufacturing, distribution and logisitics operations.

He also has years of experience as a Solutions Architect with leading enterprise software solutions, and has helped global companies automate their supply chain processes.