support services

We offer a wide variety of support services either directly or in collaboration with our partners. When our partners deliver the service, we never take a commission - so, you will always get the lowest possible price.



There is no escaping discipline on money matters – investors typically use financial matters as metric for team competency. We can set up or vet your current financial records system, get you a part time CFO, who will not cost you an arm and a leg, and, we can help with your audit and statutory tax filings. We have relationships with CA firms in multiple cities - so, you will always get a local service provider.



Our legal partners can advise you on mundane to esoteric contract negotiations, review of any contracts that you have signed previously, and, of course, all matters of litigation - whether civil or criminal.



Are you compliant statutorily from Y0, Y1? In India, committing an involuntary violation of some law is extremely easy. We will review and ensure that you do have all the necessary statutory compliance documents. And, we will help you with all your compliance filing requirements - from income tax to company law to the forthcoming GST.

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