Building an Investible Company

Get an independent evaluation of whether your business proposition, your go-to-market strategy, as it stands today, is really viable or not. We all have our biases - once we start a particular project, we tend to ignore all the negatives.

But, this can be a very expensive mistake, if the market were not to accept your product or service offering. Think of us as your own in-house but independent research team that will give you an accurate evaluation of where you stand in the market place, in a timely manner.

And, we are not just about fault finding! We shall offer you immediate and cost-effective solutions to take care of your current or potential issues.

Getting to the Investors is a process

India is a capital starved country, but bursting with entrepreneurs all with good ideas. So, Investors are spoiled for choice. Especially, in the current environment, where liquidity has decreased significantly. Investors look at multiple deals, practically on a daily basis - and, in our experience, a savvy Investor typically has a funding-to-deals-seen ratio of 1-2%. The competition is as tough as getting into the IITs!

This where we can help - ensure that you have the best possible chance of getting to funding. We will evaluate your Company and create the most compelling and viable business case for investment. We can help you prepare the entire investor presentation pack and all the allied documents, which you will require. We will also do the most important bit - convert your business case into an earnings model. After hearing your idea, potential Investors will focus a lot on your numbers.

Need our help?

Contact us to validate your business model or create the right set of documents