Get the right company structure

Having an optimal company structure is extremely important. This is pro-active planning not only for the Founders, but also future Investors. We have seen poor company hygiene drive away investors, who were otherwise interested.

We have seen that most early stage companies do not have an inter-se shareholders' agreement between Founders - this is fine when everyone gets along with each other. But, it turns extremely messy if there is a fall-out. An agreement that also defines the role of each founder is useful from running a more efficient business - and, prevents ego battles at a latter point.

Then, there is the question of whether you should incorporate as a LLP or a PLC. Where should you incorporate in India? Should you be incorporating outside of India? The answers depend on the nature of your business, your growth plans and your target markets.

Even if you have already incorporated, we can help you with changing the structure and shareholding, so that it is the most optimal for the business and the Founders.


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