So, you are "different"?

You have an idea - but, it is not always easy to determine if your idea is really differentiated. It could be a completely novel idea, or a new way of delivering a standard or generic service, or it could be a more efficient version of an existing product or service.

All of these could be market disruptive and hand you big gains, if implemented correctly and quickly. But, each requires a different market approach . And, within each approach, there could be multiple go-to-market tactics.

Experimentation costs money and could lose you valuable time allowing your competition to either catch up or crush you. This is where we come in - based on our global and operational experience, we can help you choose the strategies that will give you the greatest bang for the money that you will spend on marketing. Since, all our services are outcome based, we are equally invested in making sure that the strategy we recommend actually works out for you.

Evaluating your competition

Do you know where you stand in the market place, with your product? Are you the leader or sole player? Second, third, fourth? If the latter, do you know how you will scale up? Are you aware of competitors in stealth mode or substitute products that could be cheaper or better? We can do all that for you. We can also help you develop strategies to fight and win over better funded competition - money is not always the key, intelligence is. 

Then, there is the question of time - are you going to focus full time on your own execution or are you going to spend valuable time tracking what your competition is up to? Leave the latter to us, and focus on your core competencies. You need to be the master of your domain, not jack of all trades.

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