Get an independent view

Funding for early stage companies and SMEs has tightened up hugely over the past 18 months. Investors no longer pay for eyeballs. Markets will not wait for your fix, if your product is broken or does not meet the need that you are trying to fulfil. Losing precious time in re-engineering product or service delivery can be the death knell for your company.

All human beings suffer from inherent biases - a key one for early stage companies is reinforcement bias. We see what matches our idea, and we ignore the facts that are not in consonance. Get an independent analysis, a neutral point-of-view about your product or service - it doesn't cost much, and could save you  lots of heart burn in the future.

GAP Analysis

It is a jungle out there! Differentiation is the key to getting noticed. Does your product positioning and messaging have the impact that you really need? We offer actionable insights to get your product to stand out in the market place. This is not just about marketing but understanding whether your product offering really meets the consumer demand that you are trying to fulfil.

Do you have a clear plan for generating revenues? Maybe you do, but is your cost of customer acquisition too high? Do you have a proper financial model to sustain your business if you get some money? And, do you have a sustainable pricing model? Do want it tested? These are all key questions about your product and positioning in the market place, but most entrepreneurs rarely see it that way - typically, they would leave these for the finance guy to look at. But, these are not just finance questions, they are core considerations for your business, your product, your service offering.

We can help you cut your way through this jungle.


Get our experts to conduct a thorough GAP analysis