Fund raising is usually the top challenge for early stage companies. In our experience, entrepreneurs want accurate and helpful answers to questions, such as:

  • When should I start looking out for external funding?
  • Should I build a prototype first and then look for funding?
  • How do I run my company, while fund raising at the same time, given my limited bandwidth and available time?
  • Where should I look out for funding?
  • What attributes do early stage companies absolutely need for a successful fund raise?

This workshop will help you get answers to these and many other related queries. If we piqued your interest, register below!

Supratim Basu

Keynote Speaker

Supratim Basu has 24+ years of experience in global and local financial markets -  equity research, investment banking and fund management. He has worked with, funded and helped scale up many early stage companies in their fund raising journey. In this workshop, he will provide practical and personal insights into what works and what doesn't and what are the key steps that you can take for a successful fund raise.

What will you learn by attending this workshop?

Fund Raising Journey

What should you be doing now? What are the key steps in this process?

Top Mistakes

The top mistakes early stage companies make and how to avoid them

Investors are demanding

... and fickle. Learn how to build a company that will attract and hold investor attention

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